Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

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It goes without saying that emotions play a huge part in our lives. Without them we would find it challenging to communicate, problem solve, or even survive. Emotions are difficult to ignore as are often felt in the body, like your “gut feeling” when sensing danger, or “butterflies in your tummy” when seeing someone you […]

Antenatal Anxiety

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Pregnancy is depicted as a happy and exciting time; we have all seen the social media posts where gender reveals take place or husbands are surprised and thrilled to discover they are going to be a dad. However, the expectations of society when it comes to pregnancy can often add to an expectant mother’s anxiety. […]

Low Self-worth and Low Self-esteem

Low Self-worth and Low Self-esteem

For anyone who struggles with low self-worth and low self-esteem you will be aware of how this can impact your emotional well-being, relationships, and the ability to be your authentic self. You’re yearning for acceptance and fear of rejection can impact your behaviour, and you may find yourself spending a lot of time behaving in […]

Self-compassion in Practice

Self Compassion in Practice - Mental Health Advice Blog

There are many forms of self-compassion, the following are just a few that may get you started on your self-compassion journey. Feel free to contact me if you would like support and further information. Kind self-talk: Becoming our own best friend when we recognise our critical and judgmental internal dialogue. Practice replacing these hurtful words […]

Benefits of Self-compassion

Benefits of Self Compassion - CCC Counselling Advice Blog

Compassion has been at the forefront of contemplative practices to facilitate emotional healing for thousands of years. Compassion and self-compassion have been widely researched over the past 2 decades and it has been found that practicing self-compassion has been found to lower levels of anxiety and depression. Many of us, including myself, have found it […]