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Antenatal Anxiety

Pregnancy is depicted as a happy and exciting time; we have all seen the social media posts where gender reveals take place or husbands are surprised and thrilled to discover they are going to be a dad. However, the expectations of society when it comes to pregnancy can often add to an expectant mother’s anxiety. Women are often told “you should be happy” when in fact the anxiety they experience takes over the joy. This can result in feelings of guilt and shame which often means these women suffer in silence.

Although worry throughout pregnancy is normal, with antenatal anxiety, this worry is persistent and can impact a women’s physical health due to disrupted sleep, change in appetite, and constant stress. Every woman is unique but some of the common concerns are the health of the baby, fear of childbirth, changes to body image, and identity to name a few.

The most important step for women is to realise they are not alone and reach out for support. This can mean confiding in their partner, talking with friends and family, or seeking professional help. Sharing their concerns can provide a sense of connection and relief.

Seeking professional help through counselling can be valuable and as an experienced midwife, I believe I have the knowledge and understanding that allows me to help you explore your worries and fears in a safe non-judgmental space and develop coping strategies to navigate this very emotional and for some challenging stage of life.

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