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Services & Fees


To support my clients I employ a range of therapeutic approaches, including:

This diverse toolkit ensures that our sessions are tailored to your individual needs.


Individual One Hour Sessions*

In Person: $100 per hour 

Online Video Appointments / Phone: $90 per hour

Walk and Talk Therapy: $80 per hour

Walk and Talk therapy might be an alternative option for those who do not like the idea of attending an office setting or online therapy. You can read the benefits of these sessions here.  You would still need an initial in person, phone or online session to discuss this option and to assess if Walk and Talk therapy is appropriate for you.

(Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or via PayPal)

*NOTE: I firmly believe that everyone deserves access to mental health support.
If financial constraints are preventing you from seeking the assistance you need, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Let’s have a conversation about flexible payment plans that can accommodate your circumstances. 

Counsellors in Australia are not currently eligible for Medicare Rebates, however you may find the pricing is comparable. Find out more here.

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