Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

It goes without saying that emotions play a huge part in our lives. Without them we would find it challenging to communicate, problem solve, or even survive.

Emotions are difficult to ignore as are often felt in the body, like your “gut feeling” when sensing danger, or “butterflies in your tummy” when seeing someone you care about. These types of emotions are a normal evolutionary response and are examples of how emotions have been useful to our survival by keeping us safe and encouraging social bonding.

However, as I have discovered and I am sure many of you have experienced, some emotions have the opposite effect when experienced excessively, for example anger, and anxiety. These are the emotions that can disrupt our daily life and relationships impacting our mental health.

Additionally, we can experience secondary emotions such as frustration at the anger and shame about the anxiety.

Of course, the natural tendency for many is to try to ignore or “get rid of” their distress which tend to only make it bigger.

I can help you make sense of your emotions and develop your skills of emotional intelligence. Contact me for further information.

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