Handling Retirement

Handling Retirement

Most people embrace retirement, particularly when it is voluntary, well planned, and a physically demanding or stressful role has come to an end.

However, for some, transition to retirement can be complicated, as this eagerly anticipated stage of life does not match up to expectations.

The following are some of the reasons we may struggle with this stage of life:

Identity: A person’s chosen career is often closely related to their identity. Therefore, when our career ends our identity becomes vulnerable, and we are left wondering what role to play in society. This can result in a huge sense of loss and grief.

Self-Worth: Career can support self-worth and wellbeing and plays a significant role in us feeling socially significant. It is quite common to miss the work relationships where our knowledge and experience are valued.

Relationships: Suddenly spending more time with our partner may present challenges to even the most stable relationships when retiring together. Additionally, if one partner retires before the other, this may result in feelings of inadequacy if we perceive we are dependent on our spouse.

Financial Adjustment: Retirement can mean a change to financial circumstances, and for those who value a certain lifestyle, we will likely be less satisfied with post-retirement life.

If the thought of retirement is concerning you or your experience of retirement is not what you hoped, you may find it helpful to talk about it. Feel free to contact me.

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