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Self-compassion in Practice

There are many forms of self-compassion, the following are just a few that may get you started on your self-compassion journey. Feel free to contact me if you would like support and further information.

Kind self-talk: Becoming our own best friend when we recognise our critical and judgmental internal dialogue. Practice replacing these hurtful words with kind supportive words.

Imperfections: Realising that this is something common to humanity and does not lessen our worth. This can look like accepting ourselves for who we are rather than judging ourselves unkindly for who we are not.

Self-forgiveness: Forgiving ourselves for past mistakes, as they have likely contributed to our personal growth. Holding onto guilt and shame will only hinder the development of self-compassion.

Boundaries: Recognising and understanding your own limits and becoming comfortable saying no. Setting boundaries is vital for personal well-being.

Acknowledge: Celebrate your achievements no matter how small as this will encourage improved self-worth.

Support: Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who encourage and celebrate with you but are there to support you when you struggle. This is the kind of environment self-compassion will thrive in.

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