Do Counsellors in Australia Qualify for the Mental Health Treatment Plan Rebate Scheme?

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When seeking support with your mental health it is helpful to understand the differences between the various professionals available. In Australia the two most common are Psychologists and Counsellors. Although their roles can be quite similar there are differences in qualifications, scope of practice, fees, and Medicare rebates. What are Psychologists? Psychologists will typically have […]

The Impact of Addiction on Friends and Loved Ones

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In one of my previous blogs I discussed addiction and possible reasons behind this behaviour, noting that people with addictions are often wounded emotionally. However, addictions do not just affect the individuals, but also impacts family members, friends and colleagues. It can be heart breaking to watch someone you love spiral into addiction and the […]

Embrace the Outdoors: The Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy is emerging as a powerful approach that combines traditional counselling with the benefits of physical activity. Instead of sitting in an office, clients and therapists walk side-by side-outdoors, leading to a range of unique benefits. Connection with Nature Walking in nature has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The […]

Understanding Addictions

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Sadly, in our society people who are experiencing addictions continue to be shamed. They may frequently be asked “Why can’t you just stop”? They are rarely asked about the pain that they experience which leads to their addictions. Addictions come in many forms e.g. substance use, gambling, shopping, sex, and many more. Addictions frequently stem […]

Normalising Anxiety

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Anxiety is very common, affecting 1 in 4 people in Australia alone.  We often view anxiety as a problem to get rid of, and indeed for some people when anxiety becomes excessive or chronic it is understandable they would feel that way. When talking with clients who experience anxiety, I find that understanding the function […]

Why Naming Your Emotions Is Helpful

Naming Your Emotions is Helpful - CCC Counselling

We can all get overwhelmed by emotions, but there is a very simple and effective way to help ourselves when this happens. When we name our emotions, it helps us to understand and articulate what we feel and increases the likelihood that we will respond to our emotions in a healthy way. The following are […]

How To Be More Assertive

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Many of the clients I talk with are having issues in their personal or work relationships because they find it difficult to express their wants and needs. Assertiveness in personal relationships is vital for building healthier connections, and assertiveness in the workplace improves professional relationships, collaboration, and the setting of expectations. When we are passive […]

Loss and Grief of a Loved One

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We all experience grief differently because the relationship we shared with our deceased loved one is unique to us. Grief is a very personal journey, and it is important to understand that there is no timeline in which to grieve. Therefore, we should not allow the expectations of others, and society in general, to persuade […]

Handling Retirement

Handling Retirement

Most people embrace retirement, particularly when it is voluntary, well planned, and a physically demanding or stressful role has come to an end. However, for some, transition to retirement can be complicated, as this eagerly anticipated stage of life does not match up to expectations. The following are some of the reasons we may struggle […]

Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

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It goes without saying that emotions play a huge part in our lives. Without them we would find it challenging to communicate, problem solve, or even survive. Emotions are difficult to ignore as are often felt in the body, like your “gut feeling” when sensing danger, or “butterflies in your tummy” when seeing someone you […]