Understanding Addictions

Sadly, in our society people who are experiencing addictions continue to be shamed. They may frequently be asked “Why can’t you just stop”? They are rarely asked about the pain that they experience which leads to their addictions.

Addictions come in many forms e.g. substance use, gambling, shopping, sex, and many more. Addictions frequently stem from an underlying emotional pain or trauma. It is helpful to understand that it is a coping mechanism to numb the pain, or to experience feelings that would not normally be experienced such as comfort and joy.

Addressing the root cause of a person’s pain allows us to understand their addiction more compassionately. When we enquire about the underlying pain, we can recognise that addiction is not a choice, but a response to a deep emotional wound, and a desperate attempt to soothe that wound.

As your counsellor I can create a non-judgmental and empathic space in which to heal. I can offer support and resources to address your pain in healthier ways. With compassion, empathy and patience recovery is possible.  

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